Cloud Contact Centre Solutions

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Cloud Contact Centre Solutions

We offer Cloud contact centre solutions through our partners 3cx and Enghouse Interactive and other leading cloud contact centre providers. We have setup scalable and multi channel contact centre solutions for our customers across the world. There is increased demand from companies for a communication platform that's agile enough to quickly and efficiently respond to customers from any channel, at any time. Viva's cloud contact centre solutions offer choice and flexibility. They are also scalable in deployment, size, complexity and integration to ensure successful and effortless customer interaction, whatever your budget.

Please reach out to us for a completely transparent and consultative conversation to understand what your requirements are and what we can offer you as the best possible solution for your business.

Products & Features

Our Call center solutions platform enhances reporting, analysis, call monitoring and other advanced features. Based on the needs of the customer we provide them with one or more options:-

Asterisk is an open source communications framework for building communication applications. We are able to design a bespoke communication call center solution with specific customization. We are the pioneers in integrating the award winning Timplus call logging software (Triline) and Flash on Board (FOB) to address call barging requirements. With these partners we have addressed many of our customer's bespoke requirements while maintaining limited budgets.
An advanced Contact centre and Unified communication platform, Vivacommunication has been partnering with 3CX and have successfully deployed their solution in many call centers in the UK and the APAC region. Viva is one of largest partners of 3CX systems and have provided these solutions to many customers over the decade.Our engineers are certified and accredited to provide 3CX support and deployment. Please feel free to contact us to discuss if this is the right solution for your business.
Enghouse Interactive is a leading provider of customer experience technology. Enghouse's interactive solutions includes multi-channel contact centers, self-service, call billing and reporting and also workforce optimization. With the help of their Presence call center suite we have setup many call centres, of which the largest has over 4000 seats. This would be the right solution for a business that requires an omni channel presence allowing you to engage with your customers on various different platforms.